Why fit in?

when you were born to rebel and stand out!


Emi Noris


Our Story

Emi Noris jewellery brand is about the expression of a strong and bold personality.
The authentic, original, funky, colorful jewelry design accentuates the face and adds statement to the unique personal style.
Whether the fashion look is simple, plain, casual or dramatic and flamboyant; Emi Noris urban, stylish, upcycled jewelry, creates interesting, cool detail and makes any outfit pop.


It’s a game changer that revives the outfit by letting the single piece of jewelry be the focus of the entire look.

Emi Noris produces glossy plexiglass /perspex /acrylic, statement, chunky, bib necklaces with vivid prints as well as artsy, fashionable, runway earrings. It’s an accessory choice that makes a person stand out in a crowd without being overbearing.

  Emi Noris  FUN Values


F for Funky

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U for Unique


N for Nonconformist